Intellectual property & competition

The increasing digitisation of business processes, which increasingly covers all other areas of life as well, has made intellectual property even more important. On the one hand, dissemination and control of one's own trademarks, design rights or copyrighted works through the Internet has become easier, on the other hand, the technical hurdles to violating trademark, design and copyright rights have become significantly lower. 

We face this new challenge. We develop trademark strategies for you and build up a trademark portfolio for you. In addition, we take care of all services, from the search of a trademark to the registration and monitoring of a trademark to its defence and enforcement against third parties. We register German trademarks, union trademarks and IR trademarks for our clients, ensure priority abroad and coordinate trademark applications outside Europe, using our global network of highly specialized trademark consultants. We also manage our clients' trademark portfolios with the German Patent and Trademark Office, the Office of the European Union for Intellectual Property (EUIPO) and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and ensure their renewal.

At your request, in the event of infringements of industrial property rights, we issue warning letters to any trademark infringers and, if necessary, enforce your claims for injunctive relief by way of an injunction and/or in the main proceedings. We finally represent our clients in opposition and cancellation proceedings and defend your trademark rights before DPMA, EUIPO and WIPO.

In copyright law, our focus is on structuring contracts (including software contract law) and on protection against copyright infringements, which we also enforce by way of interim injunctions. We also defend your rights also against unauthorized warnings.

Our activities include in particular:

Trademark law

  • Trademark search, registration and monitoring
  • Trademark administration, representation before the DPMA, EUIPO and WIPO in opposition, appeal and cancellation proceedings
  • Enforcing claims for injunctive relief
  • Defence against warnings under trademark law
  • Protection against trademark piracy

Copyright law

  • Copyright contract law
  • Software contract law
  • Disputes with copyright collectives (GEMA; VG-Wort)
  • Enforcing copyright claims
  • Defence against warnings under copyright law

Design law

  • Design right search, registration and monitoring
  • Enforcing claims for injunctive relief
  • Defence against warnings under industrial design law

Food law

  • Advice on protected geographical indications for foodstuffs
  • Advice on food advertising
  • Advice on competition law (Unfair Competition Act)

Your contact person

Dr. Andreas Sasdi


Office Stuttgart
Tel: +49 711 953 382 0

Further contact persons

Prof. Dr. Felix Buchmann, Ann-Lena Hoffmann