IT law

IT law is a relatively young area of law. As digital natives, our IT team has been the first generation to grow up with the Internet and therefore has a fundamental understanding of the matter. IT law also requires technical knowledge. Law and technology are closely interlinked, especially in information technology. The new regulations in data protection law (General Data Protection Regulation) have not least helped IT law to achieve a particularly topical significance.

We combine experience from the automotive industry with the latest trends in software development and work innovatively with modular systems and sprints to create your documents; this gives you a reliable time and cost frame. In IT law, we advise all facets of the new media in a creative manner and before the courts.

Our activities include in particular:

IT law

  • Advise and negotiation of IT agreements
  • Software development agreements
  • Software adaptation agreements (customization)
  • Software maintenance agreements (SLA – service level agreements)
  • Data storage / hosting (computer centre agreements)
  • Agreements with network providers (provider agreements)
  • Telemedia law (including provider liability issues)

Data protection law

  • Drafting data protection concepts for companies
  • Privacy statement for websites
  • Preparing and negotiating data processing agreements (DPA)
  • Advising internally appointed data protection officers
  • Representation before data protection authorities in fine proceedings
  • Advice on information and erasure requests
  • Advice on data transfer abroad (EU standard contract clauses)
  • Advice on the implications of the Cloud Act when using US service providers


  • Advising online shops in day-to-day business (outsourced legal department)
  • Drafting modern general terms and conditions, customer information, right of withdrawal, imprint for online shops and eBay/Amazon dealers and implementation
  • Advice on all questions relating to price quotations (advertising with crossed-out prices, clearance sales and promotions)
  • Advice on environmental law issues (REACH, RoHS, BatterieG [Battery Act], Stiftung EAR [national register for waste electric equipment], packaging), in particular on the introduction of new products
  • Sales law, including all questions relating to warranty and guarantee as well as product liability
  • Right of cancellation, including fundamental proceedings up to the European Court of Justice (ECJ)
  • Legal representation of online merchants in all aforementioned matters

Digitisation and industry 4.0

  • Contractual structuring when implementing new technologies
  • Advising IoT providers
  • Advising new business models with artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Contractual structuring of self-learning algorithms
  • Liability agreements in the area of self-driving vehicles

Social media

  • Advertising campaigns via social media
  • Facebook fan pages
  • Influencer marketing



  • Advice on all issues regarding online food trading
  • Advice on the requirements of the EU Food Information Regulation (labelling, mandatory data, allergens, indications of source)
  • Advice on health claims, novel food, food labelling
  • Arbitration in disputes with public authorities
  • Legal representation in the aforementioned cases

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